Market Research Company in Gangapur

Market Research Company in Gangapur

Survey Pacific is a leading Global Market Research & Data Collection Company. Field Services, Market Research, and Consulting firm, serving a number of corporations, market research as well as consulting firms. We are Best in Data Collection – ONLINE | CATI |FACE TO FACE |MOBILE.

Survey Pacific Research has been retained to provide marketing research and Data Collection for a large number of multinational and Market Research Companies, yet is very capable of understanding and meeting the needs of small to midsize companies as well.

Our industry experience includes categories such as: consumer products, media & entertainment, airline travel, automotive, advanced technology, computer software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, website design, luxury products, politics, transportation, industrial products, food products, soft-drinks, pet food, professional sports, education, advertising, retailing, and legal. Survey Pacific is a global consulting firm specializing in market research and analytics that enables clients across the globe to make better business decisions. We are a full-service marketing research and consulting firm – our services include marketing research, advanced analytics, Opinion online panels and technology platform-based research.


we are best in

Online Survey

Survey Pacific provides services for conducting online surveys for market researchers. Our services include sample and quota management, survey programming and hosting, real-time reporting and data processing. We are experienced in conducting marketing research and conducting marketing research online. Our staff is passionate about online.all we do is Survey Pacific!

Cati Survey

We have Our Own Data Bank & Phone room for Market Research Telephone Surveys, CATI, Online telephone interviewing software, Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing. CATI @ surveypacific, We arrange online telephone interviewing surveys.

CATI Interviewing

  • Careful pre-selection during job interviews.
  • Exclusive deployment of native speakers.
  • Intensive training sessions.
  • Carefully conducted project briefings.
  • Live monitoring of a minimum of 10% of each interviewer’s completes..

Qualitative Fieldwork

  • Careful recruitment of respondents.
  • Validation of the respondents recruited.
  • Exclusion of respondents who participated in qualitative market research projects in the last 3 months.
  • Exclusion of respondents who work in sectors sensitive to the project.
  • Exclusive use of the best moderators.
  • Exclusive use of moderators who speak English to assure an understanding between the client and the moderator.

F2F Interviewing

  • Intensive training sessions.
  • Carefully conducted project briefings.
  • Control of logic and formal aspects of 100% of completes per project.
  • Base Control (written format):
  • 25% of each interviewer’s completes are validated.
  • Follow Up Validation (telephonically):.

Primary Research

  • Qualitative Market Research.
  • Quantitative Market Research.
  • Ethnography.
  • Focus Group Moderation.
  • Online Forums.

Our Skills

  • Conjoint Pricing Analysis.
  • Modeling and Forecasting.
  • Secondary Data Analysis.
  • Highly trained and professional interviewing staff.
  • Specialists in health services research and public policy research.
  • Experience in complex and very large scale survey research.
  • 50+ highly qualified professional staff.
  • Consistent, exceptional achievement in maximizing response and data quality.

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